Hope is
the beginning of change

Hope is the beginning of change

The vision of Project Two-Five is to give people in Africa new perspectives for their lives and hope for the future. We do this practically through vocational schools and other projects.

Our Story

Project Two-Five, like many organizations, started with a vision. A vision of an organization that would help build self-sufficient communities in Africa. The visionary and founder is Mac John Njidda. He led several outreach teams to South Sudan in his work with Youth With A Mission and that was when he saw the need...

Our Projects

Vocational Training

Nazareth House


Community Development

Mac John Njidda

Mac John Njidda is from Nigeria and is a graduate of several mission schools. He has been working as a missionary for over 10 years in various countries around the world, including Germany and the USA. He founded Project Two-Five after seeing the need of the people during outreaches in South Sudan. It is important to him to see people holistically and to support them in discovering and developing their own potential.


Our Goal

The purpose of Project Two-Five is to empower the less privileged so they can approach the issues of life with boldness, confidence and dignity. We want to help people to discover their hidden greatness and potential. To achieve this goal, we train and educate young people from Uganda and South Sudan in various schools and projects.


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Bring Hope

Even the smallest Donation can do amazing things! In Africa school is not for free - so with 10$ you can already change so much. Thanks for your support!

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