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Through social and community development, we want to create new living spaces and thereby bring hope. It is important to us to improve not only the personal but also the economic situation of the people in East Africa. We promote this through our training schools, our children's center and our other projects. In all that we do and will do in the future, you can become a part of us: Very practically (in Germany/USA or through short or long term assignments in Africa) or financially. Thank you for your support!

Make it possible


Even the smallest donation can do amazing things! In Africa school is not for free. Thanks for your support!


Sponsor a child and enable them to go to school and gift them a better future


You can volunteer with us! In Uganda or in the US, we always need helping hands. Interested?


We would love to partner with your church and present the work we do!

  • Teachers

    We pay our teachers and staff a fixed monthly salary and support them with further training.

  • Materials

    Fabrics, wood, pencils, seeds and much more are needed every year for our courses, our children's center and other projects. In order to learn skills, our students and children naturally need a lot of resources.

  • Transportation

    Our leaders and teachers are assigned to different places in the country. This is only possible if enough funds are available for transportation.

  • Land and Buildings

    To better serve the people we need our own land and more buildings to make projects a reality

Our Finances

96% of the donations arrive directly in Uganda. This comparatively high figure is only possible because our small organization in Germany is run and managed exclusively by volunteers. Since our project started with very little funds, we are used to making the most of the available finances. However, it is also important to us to pay fair wages and support the local economy. We are transparent and responsible with the money entrusted to us. Your donation, large or small, does indeed give hope!



With 15 Dollars per month we can train one student in the vocational schools


With 30 Dollars per month we can cover the material costs for Nazareth House, like pencils and paper


With 70 Dollars we can pay a teacher's salary

Currently the only way to give international is via Paypal or direct wire transfer to our account in Uganda.

Child sponsorships

 Here in Uganda, as in many other countries, going to school is not a duty but a privilege. There are public elementary schools with relatively low fees, but they are often completely overcrowded with about 100 students per class and even with the low fees are too expensive for some. In fact, only 52% of all children graduate from elementary school. And even if they do well in elementary school, even the most affordable secondary schools are unaffordable for many, with only 26% completing their first secondary school, comparable to a high school diploma. "School fees" are often mentioned when we ask children about their prayer requests. Sometimes in the middle of the morning you see a whole group of children going home because their parents have not paid the fees in full, and they are sent home from school to warn the parents. Especially for orphans and half-orphans who grow up with relatives or cannot be taken care of by their parents for other reasons, there is often no money left for school and the future is uncertain. With sponsorship until the end of their school/education career, we can give children a chance for education and a future they would otherwise not have. In addition, we can accompany and support the children and their families for years in their development.

More than just school

Our child sponsorships not only cover school fees including lunch, school uniforms and school supplies. We want to support the children holistically in their development and, as far as possible, also cover medical costs if the family cannot cover them. The children are individually accompanied, are integrated into Nazareth House programs and receive tutoring there, for example. A special focus is also to strengthen the whole family and create a good home environment for the children. We do not want to lead the families into more dependency through the sponsorship or to relieve them of the responsibility for the children.

Become a Sponsor

For only 35€ a Month you can change a families life.

As a Sponsor you will regularly receive Letters and News from your sponsored Kid and you can send Emails or Letters to them.

What is included in the 35 €?

  • School fees including lunch and uniform | School material, e.g. exercise books and backpacks

  • Medical care in case of emergency | Care packages

  • Nazareth House Programs

  • Income generating activities for the family | Seminars for parents/guardians | Home visits to the families

  • Administrative costs

What you change

The first time we noticed David*, about 10 years old, we saw him lying around with a high fever and weak during a home visit. When we asked, we found out that he is currently taking care of his three younger cousins alone and that there is no one to take him to the doctor and no money to do so. His aunt, with whom he had lived since his mother left him when he was two years old, was sick herself and was being cared for elsewhere. His 20-year-old cousin was on the road every day from dawn to dusk, doing odd jobs to somehow provide for her own daughter, her little brothers and her cousin David. We were able to intervene and bring David to the clinic, where he was immediately put on a drip, and provide him and his cousins with food for the time being. Through sponsorship, David can now go to a good school and often comes to Nazareth House in the afternoons with his cousins. His older cousin is in our training school in Arua in the tailoring course and will then be better able to take care of the children. His aunt is healthy again and we are working with the family to strengthen them and provide a good, healthy home environment.
10 years
The first of the family to ever go to school: Dora* has 9 sisters, none of whom have ever gone to school. She is 6 years old and has been living with a family friend for 2 years because her own parents could not feed all their children. The family friend is poor herself; her husband has died, and the mother has difficulty providing for her own children and sending them to school, let alone Dora. They live in an empty school, there is no money to rent a house. Dora's father dies April 2021, leaving the family in even greater need. Dora's second name in the local language means "there is nothing". But when we come and offer her a sponsorship, she is renamed on short notice, the new name means "Happy". She will now be the first in her family to have a chance at education and a different future.
6 years

Name changed

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