Is there hope for Lillian?

Lillian seemed to have reached the end of her hope: First, she had to flee with her family from South Sudan to Uganda because of the civil war. Then, she and her five children were abandoned by her husband, the father of her children, when he married another woman. Another woman took them in for a few months, but then her husband also sent them away. Without money for rent, they found refuge in an unfinished, abandoned building.

But Lillian didn't give up hope. She worked hard, earning enough to survive by washing clothes and selling empty bottles. A friend told her about our training school, and she enrolled in the tailoring program. By December 2022, she had completed her training and received her certificate. She saved enough until she could afford to buy a sewing machine and started sewing and selling cushions and children's clothing. 
Now, a year later, Lillian rents a proper apartment and can afford to pay school fees for all her children. Food and medicine are no longer major concerns. She even trains five other single mothers in her neighborhood in tailoring! "I thank God for all he has done for me."

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